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Change Team: 
by posted 12/12/2019

Team, I will be picking up the uniforms this Saturday so we will do the fitting either before or after practice depending on time. Let me know if you have a number preference and I will try and accomodate but no promises as I have little control over that. Right now the only number that is claimed is #40. Thanks

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Additional Homework
by posted 12/12/2019

Team, below are 2 links to how to play a 2-3 zone defense. This is the primary defense we will be running so again please have the boys watch the videos prior to practice on Saturday. These videos help teach the concept and basic movements and they allow me to focus on the details in practice maximizing our time. The two videos are a combined 20 minutes but they should only have to watch them once maybe twice if they are new to basketball. Thanks for the support and if you have volunteered to help me coach please feel free to jump in Saturday. 





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by posted 12/10/2019

Good morning team, 

Please have the boys watch the videos below they are 11 minutes total. It will help for them to visually see the plays before we start putting them in on Saturday. Please have them watch them a fews times keying on different positions each time as we don't really have set positions at this level so they may be put in any of the positions. For those boys that have not played basketball before these videos are a great introduction and are very simple to understand. I need a full team practice on Saturday. Thanks 

Triangle Offense






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by posted 12/04/2019

Team, great first practice! I'm looking forward to a great season. One of the things I discussed last night was missing practice. I understand that this is recreational basketball and we all have competing requirements but it is not fair to the boys who come to every practice and put in maximum effort to get equal playing time as someone who doesn’t so please make every effort to attend practice. I have no problem doing pickup and drop off if the alternative is missing practice. Also, if you are going to miss practice please let me know as soon as possible. With that being said our next practice is this Saturday 4-5 PM at Victory ES. I will be picking up uniforms Saturday morning and I will hand them out before practice. You are welcome to use uniforms from previous seasons just make sure that you have top and bottom and that they fit. Let me know Saturday what the number is on the old uniform if you are using it, so I don’t hand out duplicates. Once the game schedule is out, I will make a sign-up roster for Timekeeper/Scorekeeper. Also, I have an open invitation to my guest passes for Lifetime Fitness. They have two full courts that the boys can play pick-up basketball on just give me a day or two notice to coordinate. Lastly, I would like the boys to come up with a couple of names for the team and we will vote on them Saturday.  Thanks

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