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GBA "FIRST TIME" Head Coach– Frequently Asked Questions 

I submitted my Head Coaching application now what happens?

The GBA Board will review all Head Coaching applications ("Recreational" and "Travel") and make contact with the selected Head Coaches via email. 
Shortly thereafter, you will receive email notifications with details about player evaluations and draft dates.

I was contacted about the draft night for my team, but I have a scheduling conflict and am not be able to attend the draft.

Draft night is mandatory for all "Recreational" Head Coaches. However, if you have a legitimate scheduling conflict and are unable to attend, you can send a capable ADULT representative to draft your team on your behalf.  This must be arranged with the league in advance of the draft. 

I attended the draft and selected my team, now what should I do?

Once you are notified that your roster has been entered, you should immediately send a welcome email to your team.

When will I receive my practice schedule?

Practice schedules will be posted shortly after ALL drafts have concluded.

One of my players asked to bring Gatorade instead of water into the gym.


The PWCPA supervisor will enforce this rule!  Make sure that your players/parents only bring water into the gym.

What about the Players and Parents Code of Conduct Pledge form?

Be prepared to have several copies of this form available for the Players and Parents to sign. These forms must be signed and in the coaches' possession during the entire game season.

I have my practice schedule, how do I handle the administrative things?

Introduce yourself to the parents as this may be the first time you have met in person.  Request volunteers for a Team Mom position and request either a Scorekeeper or Timekeeper volunteer for each game during the season. It is also recommended that you identify an Assistant Coach who can assist you with drills, and cover for you in your absence from practices and games.

What are the duties of the volunteer Scorekeeper and Time Keeper?

Volunteer Scorekeepers and Time Keepers are needed before the start of each game.  If asked, referees will provide a brief tutorial to volunteers on Scorekeeper and Timekeeper duties. In addition, a brief description of the latter duties is located in link below.


I have a player who is wearing earrings/gold chain/religious band on his/her body during practice.

Politely inform the child/parent that GBA League Rules prohibit these items during practices and games.  Jewelry and other similar items are prohibited to prevent possible injury to other players. 

How does playing time work?

Familiarize yourself with the GBA League Rule Book about "Player Participation Rule" and print out the GBA "Recreational" Playing Time Tracker to assist you with playing time. THIS IS A MANDATORY RULE AND WILL BE ENFORCED!!

I had a parent who informed me that their child no longer wants to play basketball.

Please direct the parent to our website to review our Refund Policy under "Recreational" FAQs.

How long is practice?

Practices are approximately 1 hour (60 minutes) in length. It is recommended that your team arrives at the gym no more than 5 minutes before your practice time is to begin.  Please start on time and end on time to respect the practice time for the other teams. 

This is my first time coaching, could you give me some ideas on how to run practice?

The first thing you should do as a Head Coach is do a quick introduction for yourself
and the players.  Then use the list below as a fundamental guide to start your practice.



Finally, I have my game schedule now what?

Firstly, make sure you are knowledgeable of the GBA League Rules!! Make sure you have identified your first team (5 players) and second team (5 players).  Ensure that each player on your team has a clear understanding of your offensive and defensive schemes.