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2015-2016 Travel Top Teams and All League Award Winners: 

Boys 5th Grade Division 3:  Coach Binkowski's team- Tournament Champion.  Regular Season Champion.

Boys 6th Grade Division 1:  Coach Nguyen's team- Regular Season Champion.

Boys 6th Grade Division 2:  Coach Gresham's team- Tournament Runner-Up.  Regular Season Runner-Up.

Boys 7th Grade Division 1:  Coach Bauer's team- Regular Season Runner-Up.

Boys 8th Grade Division 1:  Coach Ford's team- Regular Season Champion.

All League Award Winners: (as voted by opposing coaches in league)

Girls 5th Grade D1: Kori Cole

Girls 5th Grade D2: Grace Beilby

Boys 5th Grade D1: Gabe Bigbee & Trevor Dougherty

Boys 5th Grade D2: Ty Gordon

Boys 5th Grade D3: Sam Fernandez, Brandon Binkowski, Kameron Courtney

Boys 6th Grade D1: Andrew Nguyen (LEAGUE MVP), Cameron Cole, Michael Ackerman

Boys 6th Grade D2: Kai Johnson (LEAGUE MVP), Chase Nelson

Boys 7th Grade D1: Austin Smith, Trey Nelson, Trey Bauer

Boys 8th Grade D1: Isaiah Fowlkes, Declan McCarthy, Jack Dolan

Most Valuable Coach Award: (as voted by opposing coaches in league)

-Boys 6th Grade D1- Coach Nguyen

-Boys 6th Grade D2- Coach Gresham

-Boys 7th Grade D1- Coach Bauer

-Boys 8th Grade D1- Coach Ford


(2016-2017 Travel Teams will be selected during early October tryouts.  Sign-ups in September...)