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GBA Sponsorship Program

Dear Neighbor,
                The purpose of this letter is to formally introduce The Gainesville Basketball Association (GBA) to you as a local community business. The origin of GBA goes back to the late 1980s with VSA. It was realized that there weren’t any organized sports programs for the children in this area during the winter months once baseball, football and soccer ended their programs. The decision was made to operate a very low-key basketball program to fill the gap between the end of the Fall sports programs and the beginning of the Spring sports programs. All of the practices and games were at the old Gainesville ES in Haymarket. There were no trophies, medals, tournaments, etc. - instead the whole focus was on giving the children the chance to play basketball in order to give them some exercise during the winter. There were no fund raisers - unlike all of the other youth sports organizations in this area. The parents appreciated the very low-key nature of the basketball program.
                During the 1992 season there were about 200 players. The Gainesville/Haymarket area had no middle schools and all the children went to either the old Marsteller or Stonewall Middle Schools in Manassas. Fortunately, the PWCPA agreed to partially offset the rent we had to pay to Linton Hall School because they recognized that they were unable to provide any additional gym space at any other public school. In 1994, the league saw the addition of a separate girls' division, which has continued to grow throughout the years.

               Since the late 80’s, VSA has become the GBA and has grown from less than 100 kids to over 2,000 boys and girls registered for this upcoming season. This includes a 6% growth in the last calendar year. This growth has created new opportunities for our league and some interesting challenges as we continue to try and accommodate the needs of our local youth. For the past few years, we are forced to turn away over 200 area kids this year due to a lack of court space. This unfortunate occurrence coupled with our desire to continue to provide all of our youth with the opportunity to play basketball has led us to a new initiative. On behalf of the GBA, I would like to present your business the opportunity to become an official league sponsor for The Gainesville Basketball Association for the upcoming 2015 – 2016 season and possibly beyond.  Your sponsorship will include benefits ranging from posting your company logo on our official league site to sending league approved advertisements to the thousands of members of the GBA family. Please contact me directly at equipment@gainesvillebasketball.org or 703-732-2957 w/ any questions you may have and for a sponsorship form. Thank you for your time and consideration.                                                     
Best regards,
Oswald Graham
Equipment Director
Gainesville Basketball Association (GBA) 

Program Levels

Platinum Sponsorship - $1,000
  • 5 sponsorship emails during GBA season (email to be crafted by sponsor)
  • Company logo/link on GBA home page (both summer & winter sessions)
  • Company logo on all applicable GBA webpages
  • Plaque of appreciation (if requested)
  • Top listing on GBA list of corporate sponsors
  • Recommendations to GBA families for business usage
Gold Sponsorship - $500
  • Company logo & link on GBA home page (winter session only)
  • Listing on GBA sponsorship page
  • 1 sponsorship email during GBA season. (‘This email was brought to you by…”)